GPS Tracking with Ease

GPS tracking

Did your kids arrive at school safely? GPeaSe offers a very simple solution for tracking smart phones. Simply install the Android app on a phone, and its location can be tracked through this website, in real-time!


GPeaSe One will buffer the locations that could not be sent due to reception issues. Once the device regains its data connection, those missed locations will still be sent out so you don't lose any data.


Besides tracking individual devices, we support large-scale fleet management applications. We allow up to 35 different devices on a single map. However, this can be customized to your needs.

Main features:

  • Android app
  • Customizable
  • Battery efficient
  • Up to 35 devices on a single map
  • Reliable - locations are buffered
  • Cost effective


GPeaSe One
Available on Google Play

GPeaSe Viewer
Available on Google Play


We were the victim of a break in last night...a person with a sledge hammer broke into one of our buses, stole the phone, slashed an employees tire, and then broke into the cellar souper to steal a 6 pack of beer. The police came by and asked our night crew, Karl if anything was missing from any of the buses. Karl noticed the phone missing and said...well...let me track it. He tracked it right to the police station where they had the person in custody. At that point the suspect gave a full confession. Keith - January 2014