How it works

Step 1: Download the app

Download GPeaSe from the Android Play Store and install it on each device you want to be able to track:

Available on Google Play

Step 2: Configure the app

The app will ask you to create an account, you'll use this account to sign into the website as well.

Make sure to configure the app to your likings, and set the update frequency.

Remember the unique device ID because we'll need to enter it on the website in the next step

Toggle the Transmit your location switch to begin sending your location

Step 3: Add device to this website

Sign In to your account on this website. Then, use the Add a device button to add your device. The Device ID is the 6-digit code you saw in step 2

Step 4: Start tracking

Click the Track Now button to immediately see the current location of your device

You can also select more than one device and track them all on the same map!

Click the History button to see all recorded points (only for subscribers and enterprise users), sorted by date, for that device. There are also speed/altitude/distance graphs

Step 5: Share your location

You can share your location with others from within the app, or through the website. On the website, you need to click on the settings gear icon next to your device

In the app, swipe from the left to open the drawer. Choose the Share Location option

You share your location by creating a special link to share with others. It is possible to deactivate these links at any time, so that they will no longer work

Step 6: View location using app

Download the GPeaSe One Viewer from the Android Play Store and install it on a phone or tablet to track all your devices on the go:

Available on Google Play